I strive to teach in a logical, dynamic, and exploration-based way.  It's more meaningful for painters to be guided to their own discoveries than it is for me to simply demonstrate concepts from the front of the studio.  For this reason, all of my workshops are broken into clear, manageable concepts that I demonstrate and explain, and then have students try at their own easels.  We explore colour and composition seperately before putting the two together, and play with brushwork and edges before applying them to our paintings. 

Unlike watching a long demo from start to finish, this incremental approach allows painters to master individual elements, and then build on them with the next segment.  There's no danger of being overwhelmed, or forgetting the first steps in the process because those steps were already explored along the way.

There are so many concepts and skills to learn as a painter, and my goal is to simplify them to their essence.  I want painters to leave my workshops with plenty to think about and develop in their own studios in the coming months, along with the confidence and experience to tackle this exploration.  


"I have learnt so much about myself, my colour palette, and freeing my painting style" Anne

"Really outside my comfort zone.  BRILLIANT!  Thanks so much." Darlene

"I finally do "see" the colours sing!" Marian

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Ingrid.  This will be a turning point in my art practise" Brenda

"A challenging, invigorating, and deeply instructive workshop.  You are so generous with your knowledge." Jennifer

"A fabulous workshop, Ingrid!  I learned tons and can't wait to keep going with those big brushes!"  Sharlene